Susan Bender NYC

Susan Bender, Designer

I have always loved fashion. In grade school, I shunned my Danskin matched sets in favor of dresses with white patent boots. In junior high school, I collected every color of Levi’s dust-hued corduroys and proudly wore them with matching striped turtlenecks. When Gloria Vanderbilt opened her technicolor kimono and offered me the opportunity to own velvety micro wale cords in turquoise, my world opened up!

Those colorful jeans with the swan on the pocket along with my mohair sweaters and metallic heels, made me feel amazing. I came to realize fashion was a way to express my mood and my personality. In my more collegiate, bohemian phase, eyelet trimmed prairie skirts, a leather jacket, cowboy boots and purposefully draped scarves were my costume. Fashion was always top of mind and after I graduated from Tufts, I moved right to the fashion capital, New York City, to train at Bloomingdales.

After graduating from the Stern School of Business and inspired by my love of dressing up, I chose my favorite medium, leather, to design clothing for my friends and then for their friends. Nationally, we now offer our collection in a range of styles and colors. Our popular cardigan jacket works as a layering piece, both completing an outfit and adding some extra coverage. Stretch leather was the original medium, but now we are on to sequins and bouclé. Start with one piece and from what I hear, it will become your favorite (and most worn) item in the closet. And one more important thing, everything is made in New York, in clean, fair paying factories, where I know all of the factory workers and they know me.